CSAH server
Detect Charged Single α-Helices in protein sequences
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A database of predicted Charged Single α-Helices in proteins

Note that from release 2018_03 the default parameters to identify SAH have been changed (A>=7, P<=0.05)

Current release (corresponding to the UniProt release from which CSAHdb is derived):
2021_3 Databases released in the past 12 months are available at our FTP site

CSAH prediction toolkit 2.5

A suite of Perl scripts to detect SAHs in multiple sequences.
  • CSAHdetect.zip, containing:
    • a README file
    • csahdetect.pl, a wrapper script to run the two detection algorithms, find their consensus and give a formatted report
    • scan4csah.pl and its EVD parameter file
    • ft_charge.pl (with new defaults as of version 2.5) and its EVD parameter file
    • sample input (FASTA) and output (csv, masked FASTA, CSAH fasta) files
    • INSTALL.PL, an simple installer script
  • Besides standard Perl libraries, ft_charge requires the Math:FFT module.